A Letter To God Summary Class 10 English with MCQ.

A Letter to God is the first chapter of the Class 10th book First Flight, it has been written by G.L. Fuentes. This story is about Lencho who writes a letter to god after his crop has been destroyed by a hailstorm. By the end of the summary, you will know why he wrote that letter and did God replied to him or not? This article includes a detailed summary of A letter to God with the most important word meanings, and after you have completed the summary test your knowledge with MCQ quiz questions in the end.

A letter to god summary class 10

Writer- G.L. Fuentes

“Maybe I live in what is for me the wrong time.”


A Letter to God is written by Gregorio López Mexican novelist, poet, and journalist. The story is about the power of faith. The story is about Lencho and his unshakable belief in God.

The story begins when Lencho’s crop gets destroyed. Now his only hope for survival is God. Therefore he writes a letter to God and asks for help.

A Letter To God Summary.

Lencho‘s Cornfield is destroyed by a Hailstorm.

Lencho and his family used to live in a house on the top of a small hill. it was the only house on that hill. He was a farmer and the only thing his cornfield needed that day was rain. Lencho knew his crops very well and that day he was looking at the sky as he knew it was about to rain.

And Lencho was right as it started to rain at the time of dinner. Now Lencho went out just to feel the Sweet rain on his skin. he thinks that the rain is like money for him as now he can harvest his crop and earn money for his family.


But just when Lencho was satisfied to look at his field, a strong wind began to blow and hailstones started to fall from the sky. Now Lencho’s sons came out to collect the pearl-like hailstones.

Now Lencho wished that the rain would stop but it rained heavily for another hour. By the time the rain was over the whole field was destroyed and it seemed like the whole field was covered with salt due to the hailstones.


Now Lencho was very sad and he stood in the field and told his sons that a plague of locusts would have done less harm to the fields.

Now that night everyone was very sad as they realized that year they would have no crops and would have to remain hungry.

But even after all of this they had one hope left and that was God they believed that God would never let anyone die of hunger. Lencho knew that God sees everything and he knows what is on everyone’s mind.

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Lencho writes a letter to God.

A Letter addressed To God
Lencho’s Letter to God

Even though he was a farmer but Lencho knew how to write. On the following Sunday early morning, he started to write a letter to God. In this letter, he described to god what had happened to his field and how his family would suffer if they don’t get some money. He also asks God for 100 pesos so that he could sow his field again and live till the crop comes. now he went to the post office and placed a stamp on the letter and dropped it into the mailbox

A Letter to God summary

At the post office, a postman went to the postmaster and showed him this letter addressed to god. The postman was laughing heavily as he didn’t know this address. The postmaster was a fat, friendly and pleasant man. after looking at this letter he also started laughing but he stopped immediately and started thinking that this man has so much faith in God that he is sending a letter to him. he also wishes that he had the faith of this man.

Lencho Gets a Reply.

Now the Postmaster didn’t want to shake Lencho’s belief in God so he decides to reply to his letter. But as he read the letter he knew that it would take more than some words to reply to his letter as Lencho had demanded 100 Pesos from God.

But the Postmaster had made up his mind to reply to his letter. So he asked some of his employees for money, he gave a part of his salary and also asked his friends for this act of Charity.

He did everything he could but could only gather around 70 pesos. He put the money in an envelope and addressed it to Lencho only writing a single word as a signature: God.

The next Sunday Lencho arrived at the post office asking if he had received any letter. The Postman himself handed him the letter while the Postmaster was watching from his office. The Postmaster was feeling very good as he knew that he had done a great act.

Now the Postmaster was thinking that the man who received the money would be grateful and overjoyed. But to his surprise when Lencho opened the envelope he was not surprised at all. And when he started to count the money he started to get angry. As he found only 70 pesos in there and he knew that God could not make a mistake. Now Lencho got some paper and ink to write another letter to God. After completing it he dropped it in the mailbox.

Now the Postmaster went and read the letter. In the letter, Lencho asked God for the rest of the money. Also, he asked Him not to send it by mail because according to him the post office employees were a bunch of Crooks.

Lencho's Letter to god


The main theme of A letter to God is how faith can move mountains. In the Chapter, we can see the power of faith and how God responds in mysterious ways. Even when his whole field is destroyed by a hailstorm Lencho doesn’t lose hope.

The irony of the story is that the postmaster expected Lencho to be Grateful and Happy when he receives the money. But when Lencho counted the money he instead got angry. Lencho asked for 100 Pesos. But he got only 70 pesos which made him angry.

Now he blames the post office employees for the missing money.

A Letter to God Summary Character Sketch.

The Lesson has two Main characters

Lencho– Lencho is a simple and hard-working farmer, who lives on a hill with his family. He doesn’t lose hope even after his crop is destroyed and has great faith in God. So he decides to write a letter to Him asking for help. He has unshakable faith in God and doesn’t get surprised when he receives a reply from God.

Postmaster- Postmaster is a Fat man having a pleasant personality and very friendly nature. he is very helpful and caring as he decides to arrange the money for Lencho. He is very impressed with Lencho’s Faith in God and wishes if he could have the same. He doesn’t change his mind even after he gets to know that it needs much more than ink and paper to reply to the letter.

Summary-Word Meanings.

  • Daybreak- Early Morning.
  • Amiable- Pleasant and Friendly.
  • Correspondance- A conversation through Letters.
  • Downpour- Rain.
  • Crest- Top of a hill.
  • Hail- small, hard balls of ice that fall from the sky like rain.
  • Plague- A calamity.
  • Locusts- A large insect found in hot areas, that fly in groups and destroy crops
  • Peso – Currency of Mexico.
  • Draped – covered.
  • Sorrowful- Sad.
  • Conscience- Inner sense of right or wrong.
  • Amiable – Friendly.
  • Contentment- Satisfaction.
  • Crook – A person who is dishonest or criminal.

A Letter to God Summary MCQs

A letter to god quiz

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Who does Lencho have complete faith in?

2 / 15

Why was Lencho looking towards the sky?

3 / 15

What did Lencho think of the Post Office employees?

4 / 15

Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it?

5 / 15

A letter to God is written by _______

6 / 15

Why did Lencho go out during the rain?

7 / 15

The Postmaster was impressed by Lencho's ______

8 / 15

The meaning of Crook is ______

9 / 15

Lencho was a ________

10 / 15

How much money did Lencho ask from God?

11 / 15

What type of a person was the Postmaster?

12 / 15

Where was Lencho's house situated?

13 / 15

The meaning of Amiable is______

14 / 15

Lencho's s crop was destroyed by ______

15 / 15

After the hailstorm, the field looked like it was covered with ______

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