A Triumph of Surgery Summary Class 10 English.

A Triumph of Surgery is the first chapter of class 10th book Footprints without Feet, it is written by James Herriot. This article includes a detailed summary of the chapter with the most important word meaning. After you have completed the summary make sure to test your knowledge with the 22 MCQs of A Triumph of Surgery summary given at the end.


A triumph of Surgey summary class 10 English

James Herriot

if having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

A Triumph of Surgery Summary


A Triumph of Surgery is inspired by the real-life events of the author James Herriot – A British Vet and Novelist. It is the story of a little dog Tricki, who is overfed and spoilt by his Mistress Mrs. Pumphrey. The main theme of the lesson is that how an excess of everything is bad.

He gets fat and sick and is admitted to surgery where he is given a different kind of treatment. Let’s find out what happened to him and did he get better or not?


Tricki Gets Sick

A Fat and Lazy Dog

The story is about a little dog, Tricki who is over-loved by his rich mistress, Mrs.Pumphrey. She totally ignores the advice given to her by Mr. Herriot(Tricki’s Vet) who had asked her to cut down his sweet intake and to take him for exercise regularly.

She shows her love for him by overfeeding him as she thinks that he has grown weak due to a lack of nutrition. She also gives him Horlicks, malt, and chocolate in between meals. Tricki also stopped exercising as Mr. Hodgkin(The Gardener) was suffering from lumbago (lower back pain).

One day Mr.Herriot received a frantic call from Mrs.Pumphrey telling him that Tricki was vomiting and not eating anything.
Mr.Herriot knew this was going to happen and had made plans in advance. So he advised keeping Tricki under observation for a fortnight without wasting any more time.

Tricki goes to surgery

Dogs playing with each other

When Mr. Herriot went to pick up Tricki, all the maids got busy arranging Tricki’s coats and belongings to go along with him. But Mr. Herriot could not take all that with him because of his small car.

When they arrived at the surgery the other dogs showed no interest in Tricki as he was very dull and weak at that time. For the next two days, he was given no food but only water. He was now making low noises when he heard other dogs.

On the third day, he started playing with Joe – the greyhound and other dogs. He licked the bowls when other dogs had finished eating. On the next day, Tricki was also given food. Then he started healing quickly without any medical treatment and over the next few days he enjoyed playing with other dogs.

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Tricki comes back home

During this time Mrs. Pumphrey was very worried and Mr. Herriot told her that Tricki was healing quickly. Now she started sending eggs, wine, and brandy on a daily basis. All of these were consumed by Mr. Herriot and his partners. Hence he was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest.

But he could not see Mrs. Pumphrey in such misery and after a fortnight called her to pick up Tricki. She arrived in a few minutes in her long and black car. When she saw Tricki who was now healthy and energetic she couldn’t believe herself and said to Mr. Herriot “This is a Triumph of Surgery”.

A triumph of surgery summary class 10


To conclude, it has been rightly said that excess of everything is bad. It is often observed in society that sometimes parents pamper their children so much that they get spoilt.

Parents do not realize that all this over love and affection can have an adverse effect not only on their children but also on themselves. In the chapter, it can be seen that despite the best of intentions of Mrs. Pumphrey, she couldn’t make Tricki healthy, and rather her approach resulted in worsening Tricki’s condition.

A Triumph Of Surgery


  • Bloated Sausage – like a fat piece of meat
  • Bloodshot – white part of the eye becomes red
  • Rheumy – watery
  • Listless – lacking energy and enthusiasm
  • Malnutrition – poor nourishment due to an unbalanced diet
  • Malt – a type of grain
  • Cod-liver oil – oil made from the liver of codfish.
  • Lumbago – lower back pain
  • Wrung – to twist hands together due to anxiety.
  • Regime – a system.
  • Tottering – to walk with difficulty.
  • Drooping – bending or hanging down heavily
  • Bouts – short periods of activity
  • Panting – to breathe heavily
  • Swooned – to feel a lot of pleasure
  • Pine – something that is difficult to obtain
  • Wailings – prolonged high-pitched cries due to grief
  • Greyhound – a dog breed
  • Slopped – spilling of a liquid in a container
  • Scrimmages – a confused fight
  • Shaggy – untidy
  • Convalescing – a quick recovery from an illness
  • Reverently – with deep respect
  • Fortnight – a period of two weeks
  • Chauffeur – driver
  • Lithe – flexible
  • Surgery – a place where a vet treats its patients
  • Distraught – very worried

A Triumph of Surgery Summary-



a triumph of surgery summary quiz

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What is the meaning of Leathe?

2 / 22

What was firstly sent by Mrs. Pumphrey?

3 / 22

According to Mrs. Pumphrey Tricki is suffering from?

4 / 22

At surgery, Tricki was given no food for______days.

5 / 22

Why is the Narrator Tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent Guest?

6 / 22

Who is "I" in, "I think I know a cure for you"?

7 / 22

Who is the writer of A triumph of surgery?

8 / 22

Name the VET in the story?

9 / 22

Mrs. Pumphrey was worried about?

10 / 22

What did Mr. Herriot give Tricki at his clinic?

11 / 22

Who is Tricki?

12 / 22

Hodgkin is Mrs. Pumphrey's______?

13 / 22

How did Tricki look?

14 / 22

Where was Tricki taken by Mr. Herriot?

15 / 22

What was Tricki's main fault?

16 / 22

Who was Joe?

17 / 22

Who is "I" in the story?

18 / 22

What is the meaning of Convalescing?

19 / 22

Meaning of jostling is?

20 / 22

Who did Mrs. Pumphrey make a Frantic call to?

21 / 22

Mrs. Pumphrey was a very _______ lady?

22 / 22

What is the meaning of Scrimmage?

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